EMPOWER: Data Governance

Driving International Standards and Practices

What is EMPOWER?

EMPOWER is a multi-million-euro research programme dedicated to the multidisciplinary field of data governance.

It is funded by industry partners and Science Foundation Ireland (SFI), the Irish national agency for scientific research, which brings together leading experts from academia and private enterprises to address the current challenges in data governance.


Effective and efficient data governance is the core pillar of EMPOWER’s vision for a thriving global data ecosystem. The research will advance an alignment between business goals and societal needs to develop methodologies and tools addressing challenges around key areas such as reliability/reproducibility, privacy, provenance, consent, explainability, inclusiveness and avoidance of unfair bias.

We believe data platforms and appropriate data governance models will be crucial to enabling all users to harness the potential of the data within the global data ecosystem.

The Five Pillars

Data Markets

Create platforms to enable novel forms of data sharing in future ecosystems

Regulatory Sandboxes

Allows stakeholders to explore the impact of possible data and ethical AI regulations in a regulated sandbox

Privacy-Preserving Technology

An innovative privacy-preserving technology that advances adaptive anonymity and differential privacy

Governance & Standards

Takes into account the issues associated with data governance in inter organisational relationships

People-Centric Design & Ethics

Through a people-centric approach and ethical principles, trust is built and maintained across the entire data ecosystem


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