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Assistant Professor Malika Bendechache

Malika Bendechache is a Lecturer Above the Bar in the School of Computer Science, at the University of Galway and an SFI Funded Investigator at Lero and ADAPT Research Centres. Malika has a strong background in Big data Analytics, Machine Learning, AI Governance, Data Governance, Security, and Privacy. She designs novel Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning techniques to enhance the capability and efficiency of complex systems, and she also leverages complex systems to improve the effectiveness, privacy, and trustworthiness of Analytics/Machine Learning techniques. Previously, Malika held the position of Lecturer/Assistant Professor in the School of Computing at Dublin City University (DCU). Malika also worked as a post-doctoral researcher at the Irish Institute of Digital Business (IIDB), the School of Business in DCU, and the CONSUS Research Centre at UCD, both in conjunction with Origin Enterprise PLC. She obtained her PhD in computer science from UCD’s Insight Research Centre for Data Analytics with the thesis topic titled “Study of a Distributed Dynamic Clustering Framework for Spatial Data Mining”.