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Dr. Martin Cunneen

Martin Cunneen’s research and project contributions focus on developing a cross-disciplinary analytical approach to socio-technological risk, ethics, and governance challenges. This methodological insight will be further modified by combining several knowledge domains from analytical philosophy (Wittgensteinian Polythetic Methods and metaphilosophical critique). The telos of this methodological critique is to interrogate new hybrid, non-linear methods of analysis that can support more accurate and timely conceptual framing and engagement with emerging intelligence technologies and use cases. To enhance the accuracy of socio-tech ontological relations through the use of conceptual tools, new methods are being developed focusing on conceptual accuracy and meaning. Through critical engagement, analytical methods can be constructed and applied in a way that adapts to emerging innovations and socio-technological use cases in an informed manner. Moreover, the meta approach to socio-technological meanings and framings offers valuable insights into existing challenges in the philosophy of technology, data, and AI.